It has never been easier to become a Best-Selling Author

Who says you have to write AND publish your own book? 

Sure, self-publishing is a great alternative to traditional publishing.

But then you have to learn about and do "all the things" to get your book to International Best-Seller status AND in the hands of your audience.

And if you're already running a successful coaching, speaking, healing biz (not to mention raising kids and running a household) when will you find the time to research how to design/publish/market your book? 

No wonder the MAJORITY of aspiring authors NEVER write their book! 

What if I told you there's another elegant alternative to all of the above?

If you're ready to  

stand out as a leader in your niche  

and share your message of triumph and transformation 

and make the impact and the income you were born to...

then my master class "AUTHENTIC AUTHORITY" is for you!

Find out: 

  • 3 things every aspiring author should consider before getting published
  • How to pinpoint what's really keeping you from sharing your story (and what to do about it)
  • What to do after the book is published
  • The 1 thing you can do today to become a best-selling author

and so much more.


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I'm also gifting you the "OUTLINE" I only share with my private clients so you can see how easy it is to craft your story

and can get started on becoming a best-selling author. 

The number one reason so many aspiring authors have yet to publish their book is because they can't seem to find the time to write an entire book.  

Thanks to the popularity of anthologies (for example: Chicken Soup for the Soul) it has never been easier to become a published author.  

Contributing a chapter in a group book is a great way to

  • establish authentic credibility
  • be seen as the go-to expert in your niche
  • command higher fees  

This is the outline that I used to help flesh out the incredible stories of transformation and triumph for the authors in

"Your Inner Evolution"

the #1 International Best-Seller I had the honor of publishing in September, 2019.  

So click below to get your copy of the exclusive OUTLINE now!

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